Waimea thanks the first responders


(BIVN) – The Town of Waimea recently expressed thanks and appreciation to the first responders in the community. This press release, with video, was shared by the Waimea Community Association:

Throughout November, members of the Waimea Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors visited the work sites of nine of Waimea’s dedicated first responders to hand out mahalo cards and messages from Waimea students as well as certificates of recognition, gift cards and other goodies from the community to personally thank first responders for their efforts over the past year.

The WCA collected donations from community members and students to create the packages given to first responders. In previous years, first responders have joined a community potluck as part of the month-long appreciation. With COVID, WCA board members have chosen to visit first responders on their construction sites.

“Visiting the construction sites over the past two years has been a special experience,” said Nancy Carr Smith, secretary and event organizer for the Waimea Community Association. “It gives us more time to talk to our firefighters, police and healthcare workers and really show them our appreciation. “

The Waimea Community Association also honored first responders at its November 18 virtual town meeting, which can be viewed on Facebook.

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