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An informal group has re-launched the search for a missing Cameron, Missouri, man who stopped in St. Joseph and Dearborn before disappearing without much clue.

Jason Huff, a former corrections lieutenant, husband and father was last seen on November 11, 2020. Family members and volunteer organizers went door to door to glean information on the incident on Wednesday. ‘case.

“We’re just trying to keep (Huff’s) face in there hoping someone saw it somewhere,” said Aaron Armstrong, the volunteer organizer.

No charges have been laid in Huff’s case, and police have not released a dominant theory on his disappearance. Formal ground searches by law enforcement and firefighters did not uncover Huff’s body.

On November 11, Huff left his home in Cameron and was seen in St. Joseph. According to Cameron Police Chief Rick Bashor, Huff traveled from Cameron to St. Joseph where he was spotted on surveillance video.

The next day, Huff was spotted at a gas station just off Interstate 29 in Dearborn. It’s unclear what Huff was doing in the hours that followed.

Bashor told News-Press NOW that the Huff track gets cold in the late evening or early morning of November 12 or 13.

One fact of this period is known: Huff’s car traveled from the gas station to a rural gravel road about four miles north of Plattsburg. A farmer reported that Huff’s car was abandoned two days after he left Cameron, but there was no sign of Huff.

Members of the most recent research group mainly included Huff’s family, but they declined to speak to the media.

A glaring question remains unanswered: Why was Huff only missing a few days after leaving home?

Bashor previously told News-Press NOW that police were not made aware of Huff’s disappearance until November 14. Due to the delay, police said Huff’s car was not linked to him until the day after he was found.

Asked by News-Press NOW about the delay on Wednesday, Armstrong, the head of research, said he had no further information.

“We have no information and to our knowledge the public has been very cooperative with the police,” he said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Cameron Police Department at 816-632-6521.

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