The Bengals are launching the Rule The Jungle campaign for the 2021 season.


We add a scene to house the throne of #NewStripes and welcome new traditions this fall. We want the throne to endure in the stadium to make sure our fans share that ‘King of The Jungle’ mentality. Our new “Ruler of The Jungle” pre-match ceremony will incorporate the throne as the match day “ruler” will lead fans in our signature Who Dey chant to get the crowd roaring just before kick-off. You’ll also notice increased intensity in our player presentations and entirely new graphics and content on video boards.

Additionally, we’ve created the Stripes Squad, a group of 17 enthusiastic people who will serve as an interactive hype team. You can meet them at Back Together Saturday or in the community throughout August. During the season, they will be at the back doors performing stadium activations as part of the in-game entertainment.

This fall, as our content team brings the creative social media videos you loved to the stadium’s jumbotron screens, we want to see fans channel the pride we’ve seen on social media into shouts and cheers. in the stands. Bengals Twitter is such a powerful team that we’ve created a hashtag trending in a dey and gained some NFL fan base support. Your passion and loyalty are second to none. You’re literally building an army – and it looks like someone is getting new armor every two weeks.

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