Lil Nas X makes video parodying the next Nike test


Lil Nas X has taken aim at Nike – and its enemies – with their latest single.

The 22-year-old rapper mocked his trademark infringement lawsuit with Nike over his “Satan Shoes” in a new promotional video for his song “Industry Baby”.

In the video released Monday, Lil Nas X sits in a courtroom defending himself over his recent shoe controversy, but is instead asked if his mother knows he’s gay.

“Yes,” he said.

After the courtroom bursts, the judge “sentences” Lil Nas X to five years in prison.

The rapper told Emil Wilbekin’s Native Son Awards 2021 that going out was one of the “scariest moments” of his life.

“I was scared because I knew the world was watching, and all I saw for boys like me was judgment and ridicule, but it’s because the world was watching, that I knew that I had to stay true to my truth, ”he said. he was honored during the ceremony.

He added in his acceptance speech, “Some people say that I move a program forward, and I do. It’s called liberation. There is no roadmap when you are the first to break down a barrier, and I hope that one day it is no longer revolutionary for queer artists to find mainstream success…. Until that day comes, there is work to be done and I will continue to do my part.

Nike v.  Lil Nas X - Satan Shoe Trial
Lil Nas X parodied his legal drama with Nike for a new single announcement.

Lil Nas X teased the “Industry Baby” ad via TikTok with a video of him dancing and reading a text, “When you have court Monday for satan shoes and could go to jail but your label will get you. said to keep making tiktoks. “

The joke started as a serious business venture between the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer and Brooklyn-based company MSCHF to promote the single’s release in March as they design custom Air Max 97s featuring images. demonic – and a real drop of human blood.

While the 666 pairs sold out in less than a minute, Nike wanted all shoes destroyed and filed a federal complaint.

Nike denied being involved in the shoe and Lil Nas X posted a sarcastic apology video at the time.

“Industry Baby,” co-produced by Take A Daytrip and Kanye West, will be released on Friday.

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