Finding the Owner of a GoPro Found on the North Island of Queensland


The call has been made for the owner of a missing GoPro to come forward, six years after the device was left on a tropical island in north Queensland.

The nonprofit Tangaroa Blue Foundation found the video camera during a biannual cleanup on Orpheus Island, halfway between Cairns and Townsville.

Project manager Mathilde Gordon said it was discovered on a secluded beach, still in its waterproof case.

They charged it, lit it and were able to retrieve several photographs, including one of a man holding his breath underwater.

The search is underway to locate the missing owner of this GoPro, found during a beach clean-up on Orpheus Island in north Queensland.(Provided: Tangaroa Blue Foundation)

“We could see that the last photo was taken in July 2015, so it’s been lost for quite a long time,” Ms. Gordon said.

“It was located on Big Rock Bay and quite high above the high tide line, so it is possible that it was swept up there by a storm and was just sitting there in a nook. rocks.

“There are a lot of really fun underwater shots”

She said they launched a search for the owner – who appears to have a sense of humor – on their social media sites.

“We looked at the photos, we could see the guy had some pretty distinctive tattoos, so we thought with the power of social media it couldn’t be too hard to find the owner,” a- she declared.

“There are a lot of really fun underwater shots, swimming underwater and making funny faces.

A pebble beach with bags of garbage
The GoPro was found on Orpheus Island in North Queensland during a beach cleanup by the Tangaroa Blue Foundation. (Provided: Tangaroa Blue Foundation )

She said the organization decided to only share one photo from the camera.

“There are quite a few pictures of the guy and his kids so we decided to share the one of him,” she said.

Ms Gordon said the organization collects millions of items each year when cleaning up beaches across the country.

She said she hoped to reunite the owner with her camera and had a payment in mind.

“You can come and volunteer for a cleanup, that would be wonderful,” she said.

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