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This June 14, 2016 file photo shows the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in Washington. Staff members of the Democratic National Committee in Washington chose to organize a union for collective bargaining rights, party and union officials said on August 3, 2021. The move marks the first time that a national organization of the party has become a union store, despite the Democrats. long relationship with unions. Alex Brandon | PA

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Following the path set by Democratic presidential campaign staff – including those of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden last year – the much more permanent staff of the Democratic National Committee unionized on August 3 with Service Employees Local 500. Recognition came via card check. The leaders of the DNC greeted him.

The unit will have around 150 people. Determining exactly who, and which positions, are covered and which are not will be the first task both parties will undertake.

“DNC staff see unionization not only as an act of principle, but as a reaffirmation of solidarity among workers and the key role of unions in building the middle class. While organizing efforts often stem from conflict in the workplace, this is not the case at the DNC. Staff and management in fact agree that organizing in the workplace is a real embrace of values ​​shared by Democrats, ”their joint announcement said.

The DNC “has the capacity to be a powerful agent of positive change for American workers,” Cristen Sparago, responsible for supporting donors and a lead organizer, said in the statement. “We organized ourselves because we believe that when the workers are strong America is strong. This is the opportunity for the DNC to live out its values. Organizing will be especially helpful for workers of color, LBGTQ workers and workers with different abilities, Sparago added.

“My grandmother came to this country 50 years ago as an immigrant and for 30 years she was a teaching assistant and a proud union member,” said Thaha Sherwani, video researcher. “I have seen first-hand how valuable unions are and I know my colleagues share the belief that unions are a positive force for our country and our workforce.


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