COOLPO 360 Video Conferencing Camera is powered by 4K and AI for all video calling needs


The world is now accustomed to remote process setup in almost everything from online shopping, online schools, online working, remote chats, remote meetings, and even remote working video conferences.

And although these are now considered a normal thing, not everyone has a conference camera that would complement their needs for specific uses – for example, corporate setups or meetings involving a large number of employees. users in one room.

A large room webcam may not be used often by many, as what is available in the form of built-in cameras on their computer or other smart devices is usually sufficient for personal needs during conferences.

However, this is only for personal use and no more than three people at a time. Any additions would already be crowded, forcing everyone to squeeze in to fit into the frame to be seen or take out their own device to be seen and heard in a single conference.

Such a situation would be chaotic, and it would be difficult for the organizer and the other people at the end of the line because there would be feedback because the microphone of the device can pick up different sounds in the same room. In addition, they would also get along in the room and could cause a loss of concentration.

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COOLPO offers its smart videoconferencing camera with the capabilities of a wireless connection to a Coolpo home videoconferencing system. These tools aim to deliver the best experience in a specific setup, especially with its 4K video quality and artificial intelligence that can identify specific people and audio input to send to the other party during the conference.

COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera Review

COOLPO may be a lesser-known brand in tech, but it features one of the most needed devices right now, along with its most advanced features for a 360 camera system for video conferencing needs.

The device may seem complex and does not have a camera on the front. But that’s because its lens is on top of the device and its body is made up of a microphone and speaker system that would complement the wireless conference system for different setups and functions.

COOLPO brings a device that can be used from the smallest group to the largest that would fit in a room in one session. There would be no need to change places and approach the computer to ensure that everyone is heard when they take turns speaking at a conference. COOLPO’s videoconferencing camera can be the tool to provide such a configuration for a seamless conference.


(Photo: Coolpo)

The device can be complex to use at first, but once integrated and successfully connected to a computer, the smart video camera, along with the many features that come with it, would be a snap to use.

COOLPO brings massive functionality to the table. This is what modern video conferencing cameras from other companies do not have: the AI ​​Facecapture sensor which can correctly identify a person and differentiate them from other participants.

AI Facecapture does more than what is initially perceived as it keeps track of a person speaking, focusing more on the subject despite the number of people in a room. This feature can be useful in a group conference that would only focus on people who need to be highlighted, especially when they have something to present.

Additionally, this feature can be turned on or off when needed. This will prevent the feature from confusing other people who are not part of the conversation to be highlighted.

The benefits of using this product don’t end there, as its notable features include crystal-clear 4K video captured using its 4K camera for over-the-top high definition video conferencing.

The clarity of its output on the other end is exceptional as it provides all the little details upon receiving the call when paired with a 2020 MacBook display that also supports 2160p video.

Another advantage of the COOLPO 360 Video Conferencing Camera is that it shot two birds in one piece with the fisheye lens function and 360 videos for a complete location and team capture, with the video camera. smart at the center.

COOLPO eliminates the need for each member of a team to bring their own device and headphones for a single conference with their boss who can be at home or elsewhere by allowing everyone to join in. one device.

COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera Features

  • All-in-one design – All-in-one smart video conferencing camera combines microphone, camera and speaker in one device. The conference camera’s 360-degree lens shows the entire room, and four microphones pick up all participants within 15 feet. PANA Smart Video Conferencing Camera allows all team members to hear and be heard at the same time to create an immersive conferencing experience.

  • AI-powered smart 4K camera – COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera supports 4k / 1080P / 720P HD video calling for face to face video quality meeting. The smart video conferencing camera can track and focus people based on their voices and movements, notice your every move, and highlight the current speaker. COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera creates more effective communication.

  • Full screen and split screen – Conference camera’s self-controlled video pan and zoom with 360 ° horizontal and 60 ° vertical field of view ensure the whole group is visible. Split screen and real-time connectivity features make it easier for participants to communicate and help your online conference become more efficient and productive through the use of the conference camera.

  • Plug in and use – No need to install any driver. Simply plug the COOLPO video conference camera to the PC via the USB cable, turn on your favorite meeting software and select the conference camera as the audio and video device in the software interface. Then you can enjoy a smooth online meeting with a COOLPO video conferencing camera. Quick and easy setup ensures your meeting is efficient.

  • Versatile compatibility – COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera supports Windows 7/8/10 and latest two IOS systems. COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera can work with any online conferencing software: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams.

Note: this does not work with Facetime. It cannot be compatible with the virtual background function of Zoom.

Important: Make sure your Internet download speeds exceed 2 million bits per second (> 256 KB / s) and are stable enough.


(Photo: Coolpo)


  • Powerful and crystal-clear 4K camera

  • AI facial capture sensor for detection

  • Clear audio (input and output)

  • USB-A connectivity to devices

  • Compatible with plug-and-play function

  • Compatible with Zoom Video Conferencing, Slack, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.

  • Multi-microphone setup (four microphones included in the device)

  • Long range voice pickup (up to 15 feet)

  • Long battery life

The inconvenients

  • Not compatible with Apple FaceTime and other personal video calling apps

COOLPO’s video conferencing camera can be used for both home and business, and one of its advantages is its use for almost any conference application in industry today. Moreover, it brings a lot of features which would be extremely useful to meet the different needs of a person or a business.

However, it’s not perfect and lacks compatibility with Apple’s FaceTime which recently evolved its features to accommodate more people in a single session. Still, COOLPO’s video conferencing camera has a lot to offer, including its AI features, as well as its 4K video input and output.

COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera Price

COOLPO’s video conferencing camera is available on Amazon, and it was priced at $ 999.99, but now comes with a $ 200 discount from its original price.

The device is priced at $ 799.99, but interested customers can still get an additional $ 60 discount with its “$ 60 extra CODE” to extend its price reduction.

Indeed, the COOLPO Video Conferencing Camera can be used for multiple occasions and configurations, and not just for its impressive business features that work well for large teams. This can also be useful for home installations, such as at extended family gatherings in another country or state.

COOLPO’s video conferencing camera can meet the need for an external device, and it’s a must have, especially for those who have a blurry webcam on their computers. The professional features it provides say more about what the device is capable of and that it is not just another accessory for computers.

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