Unsecured loans: all types of loans for those who do not have guarantors or mortgages


In the request for a personal loan, especially if you have a fixed-term, atypical or precarious working contract, a guarantee is usually required, or an asset or person that allows the financial company to make up for it in the event of insolvency or impossibility on the part of the beneficiary of the loan. The guarantee therefore constitutes security for the lending bank in returning the loan: failure to pay the installments implies the loss of the asset subject to guarantee or, in the case of subscription by the guarantor, the obligation for the latter to pay the debt from the insolvent subject.

In this way it is easy to understand how the person who does not have the possibility of affixing guarantees to the repayment of capital has difficulties in accepting the loan. By guarantee we mean the ownership of a good or service with a value equal to or greater than the capital required or even an asset that can be foreclosed or mortgaged as a property: not everyone owns it. It should also be considered that a guarantor is often required and if you do not have the possibility to request a third person to sign the contract – in the event of insolvency, the latter will pay for the financed subject – obtaining the financing appears really difficult.

General Features

General Features

Therefore, if you do not have the possibility of having a guarantee, you can opt for the choice of a loan without guarantees which allows easy access to credit without the presentation of a particular documentation with guarantees for the regular return of the financed capital. Unsecured financing requires only the presence of an income , unlinked from the paycheck, to give the possibility even to those who work but do not have a certified salary, to access consumer credit and to start a personalized and a highly sustainable installment amount.

Who can request it?

Who can request it?

Unsecured financing allows you to obtain a variable principal amount based on your monthly salary and can be requested by:

  • workers with permanent contracts;
  • workers with fixed-term contracts;
  • workers with atypical contracts;
  • retirees



Unsecured financing allows you to request personalized capital based on your economic needs and the costs to be incurred for which you need to present documentation that certifies your level of remuneration or pension – as well as personal identity documents:

  • valid identity document;
  • fiscal Code;
  • income certificate;
  • CUD;
  • unique model;
  • pension slip.

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