The different types of loans for companies that you can ask for

Despite the financial crisis and that many small and medium-sized companies had to close their doors, the emergence of new companies in Spain does not stop growing and as such the request for business loans.

The private sector has always been the economic engine of a country’s economy and the fact that there are entrepreneurs who want to promote the economy is always something to reward. That is why today we tell you the types of special loans for companies. So if you are thinking of opening your own business, whatever it is, we have options for you to get the financing that best suits you.

Special loans for SMEs and freelancers

Special loans for SMEs and freelancers

Loans for freelancers is a process especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, new or old, who want an injection of financing to boost their activity. Banks especially have products for this type of purpose, however, as we know, it is sometimes difficult to get the financing we want through a bank application because we do not meet the requirements, which are usually more demanding with respect to financial institutions .

In this case, we recommend the Good Credit, a financial company with a trajectory for more than 27 years dedicated to the financial sector and especially to the financing of companies to which it provides 360º customized solutions for each client and focusing on achievable objectives.

Calculate your loan for companies, SMEs. Financing indicated to obtain liquidity, face the payment of receipts and promissory notes or boost the economy of your business.

Credit lines for companies

Credit lines for companies

The credit line is a classic product of the financial world and especially indicated to solve the economic fluidity of companies, and even more recently founded ones. The credit line is a product that consists of the periodic (usually monthly) renewal of your credit so that you always have some money in the bank enabled to cover your company’s expenses.

We recommend the E-Cash entity, which is an entity that has gained a lot of strength in recent years and has the backing of belonging to the Good Credit financial group with activity in more than 14 countries throughout the world.

For companies that need continuous financing. It offers $ 15,000 without opening or maintenance costs, does not require an endorsement and you have it in 15 minutes. You must have demonstrable periodic income.

Fast microcredits online

Online microcredits are designed to obtain small amounts of money, up to $ 1,200 to cover certain contingencies or specific expenses. It is ideal for small investments such as the purchase of material or small payments. From Good Finance we recommend the E-Money entity that specializes in online microcredits and accepts Asnef applications.

It is one of the fastest processes in the entire online market, processing your request in up to 15 minutes.

Get from $ 50 to $ 1,200 (up to $ 300 for new customers) to be returned in one or two installments. With a good customer profile you can get more credit and with better conditions.

It is a relatively new loan model and consists of a loan between individuals, without bank or financial intermediation, only through a crowdlending platform that allows exchange. This is a more transparent and fair relationship, since commissions and collection rates are filed by the participants and are much smaller than with the conventional system.

It is a much more transparent system. The operation is simple, the plaintiff makes his request, a study is carried out on his economic capacity and a risk value is assigned to him, and based on this, the investors value the request and decide if they make their investment.

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