Serious small loans without Credit Bureau

Serious small loans without Credit Bureau are advertised extremely strongly. Unfortunately, the offers are not always serious. The credit brokerage industry has been fighting the problem of dubious credit advertising for many years. Nevertheless, according to the findings of a recent FH study, about 400,000 people still fall prey to dubious providers. The article is about how everyone can protect themselves and use reputable offers.

Serious small loans without Credit Bureau are possible

Serious small loans without Credit Bureau are possible

Serious small loans without Credit Bureau are unfortunately difficult to find on the credit market. The reason for this is not a lack of supply. It is the flood of advertising that makes reputable and untrustworthy providers so difficult to identify. In addition, many borrowers who are looking for a Credit Bureau-free loan are in a current emergency. In the normal way, they no longer get a bank loan. Open bills or late credit installments often depress. In this situation, many people lose their sense of reality.

Every straw that promises the prospect of a way out of the credit crunch is taken. Dubious traders literally pull the last penny out of these people’s pockets. Your method is always the same. The hope of still getting the desired credit is fueled. The most clumsy method is to cash in advance. First, preliminary costs are to be paid so that the loan application can be processed.

Another business model is now much more widespread. Savings contracts, insurance or a credit card contract should be concluded to improve credit opportunities. The aim of this measure is to collect the commission from the agency. This makes a loan less likely.

Reputable credit intermediaries work differently

Reputable credit intermediaries work differently

Serious small loans without Credit Bureau can of course be arranged by a credit broker as a domestic and international loan. The Swiss loan is known for the possibility to do without the Credit Bureau. In addition, somewhat lower standards are applied to the creditworthiness of the borrower. Nevertheless, the following applies: There is no loan without creditworthiness. Anyone who cannot guarantee repayment is not creditworthy with any lender.

A reputable credit broker checks the credit opportunities, starts a mediation attempt and informs the applicant of the result of his efforts. To improve credit opportunities, a reputable credit broker, just like the house bank, asks about property security, a guarantor or co-applicant.

If these possibilities are exhausted, then either a credit approval or a credit cancellation occurs. Costs for the unsuccessful mediation attempt will not be charged. Reputable providers only receive a success fee for approved loans.

Serious companies are reluctant to procure the necessary collateral. You know that a fresh savings contract or a new life insurance policy does not improve the credit opportunities sufficiently. An unsuccessful mediation attempt may be followed by a reference to the personal loan.

In addition to the credit brokerage industry, the personal loan is an alternative for serious small loans without Credit Bureau.

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